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Welcome to the sweet and dreamy Pethereum world of extremely cool and ultra cute pets! Billions of unique and various pets are waiting for you ! Play & Earn Buy eggs with crystals you earn by playing enjoyable games and hatch shining egg. Every egg you buy could be hiding a big surprise. Hatch it and collect new sweet pet. Play more games, hatch more eggs. You can concentrate and relax your brain with funny games. Hatch & Use There are so many different pets to collect! Each little pet is unique. Collect them and walk around the village whatever you want. Enjoy the calm and relaxing village life. Choose one of your pets from collection and play. You will never know how the time pass while walking with your animal in the Pethereum village. Have fun and relax ! There are five different rarity level. Hatch more eggs and try to find the higher rarity pet. You must open more eggs for reach legendary pet. The more eggs you open, the higher your chances. Find the most different and try to make a difference. Chat & Socialize Enjoy the pleasant and joyful world of Pethereum by socializing and chatting with other users. Just start playing with your pretty creature on the peaceful village. Socialize by chatting with other users and find new pet friends. Walk with your sweet animal on the friendship land. You can have a good time in the land while chatting and socializing with your friends. Pethereum world will make you feel good. Relax and cute ! Pethereum is free to download and play.