By Wuerth Industrial Service India Pvt Ltd


The brain behind developing the flexdeck is a great experience in handling prospect clients with regards to multiple segments. It was found that most of the companies are struggling in maintaining the customer data. That is when the idea behind developing the flexdeck emerged. It focused on handling prospect clients, data maintenance, follow ups, offer tracking renewal and at last but not the least important to boost the productivity. FlexDeck helps in following ways :- Strategic analysis Easy data maintenance Channelized processing Boosts employee proficiency and productivity Business Growth FlexDeck provides an extensive list of features :- Lead management for the new potential customers and scheduling visits to prospect leads and easy tracking of it. Tour planning - Visit to customer and follow-up, closure of the lead. Customer pipeline management - Easy decision making considering the current pipeline status and future planning, strategy execution on the basis of current pipeline plan. Customer contract management - No miss outs on important dates related to contract and auto generated alerts for contract renewals or expirations, follow ups on new customers. Minutes of meetings - Follow, track and take actions no need to work on excel, word or note. Expanse Management - No paper piling, quick uploading of bill and digital way of reimbursement. Ticket module- Support is made easier with the ticket desk, which keeps all documents and keeps track of customer issues and interactions. Increase agility for new development & bug report and effective workflows and internal support departments.